Lets get outta here.

Lets get outta here.

Soul is rested and recovered after a weekend well spent catching up with family, in a place I call home. Time spent in the country air as well as upholding family traditions of visiting places such as the great Hopetoun Tearoom.

POV shot of Brisbane City from approx. 14,000ft (?)

Arrived in Melbourne. We had 1 hour to spare before our bus left to take us out to Cantani. We hired a locker, stored our bags and made a mad dash to the legendary Manchester Press. If you haven’t eaten there before, I highly recommend you do. Bagels topped generously with an array of different combinations. Coffee is smooth and hot. If you have been, than you know why we didn’t waste that hour, we used it to devourer the best!

Sisters @ I-forget-the-name-of-the-cafe-but-its-somewhere-near-Leongatha

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Definitely spent most of my time near the fireplace. “We don’t have these up in QLD, their purpose is for decoration not warmth”. Red wines consumed in front of this fire approx. 2 bottles.

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Driveways are different in the country.

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Feast for the eyes and belly. Ladies and Gentleman, may I introduce you to the legendary Hopetoun Tea Room.

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What amazing places have you seen from your travels through the city and country?