Just feed the kids love & water.

Just feed the kids love & water.

A few months ago now I decided to try my hand at growing some carrots from the seeds that I received from a promotion I entered. In the back on my mind I thought my lack of a green thumb would not allow anything to grow; I still decided to give it a go.

Day 1: I put a couple of seeds 1cm below the potting mix. I used egg cartons to not only divide them into separate areas but also the cardboard helps keep in the moisture. Allowing the seeds to be moist, but not wet. Perfect growing environment for my little seedlings.

Day 10: So (sow!)… this was happening! I couldn’t believe that my little seedlings were growing up so fast. Now onto the next stage in their life. Should probably plant a money tree while i’m at it, i’ve heard raising kids can be expensive.

Day 119: Progress is on point. Another month and they’ll be right for the pickin’

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Day 168: Today was the day I decided to harvest a few carrots that I have been growing over the last 6 months; As its getting into the cooler months not much growth will be happening anymore. I grew these from the seedlings and have watched them flourish ever since. They may not be your stereotypical carrot size but I’m super proud of my inner city farming.

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Family Portrait!

Have you tried growing a garden before? I’m totally diggin’ it right now (pun intended) and loving just being outside, getting my hands dirty, and seeing your hard work pay off. Let me know of what your green thumbs have produced.