I’m feeling so accomplished after my first DIY venture. That chest of drawers you’re seeing right there, is renovated by yours truly.

I bought these old drawers from a charity store. Sanded them back. Painted a primer coat, then two coats of white paint and finished it off with new handles.

I could of easily gone out and bought a new chest of drawers from any furniture store for the same price it costed me to renovate this (paint, new handles and time = $$) but I love having something in my house that represents me. Something I can and will proudly keep for years to come.


Sanded back. Ready for a prime and two coats of paint. Started filling in the extra holes from the old handles as my new handles wont be needing them.
All starting to come together. A second coat of paint does wonders!

I’ll let you in on a little secret though, painting is a bitch! I highly recommend finding an attractive person, getting them oiled up and shirtless, and then making them paint your DIY project for you. Much less painless. Much more enjoyable.

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