Being my first post, I feel like I should introduce myself.

My name is Patrice and I go a little something like this.

Female. Student. Advertising. Photography. Strawberries. Gardening. Worms. Recycler. Environmentalist. Brunch. Eggs Benedict. Maple flavoured bacon. Music. Beyonce. Van Morrison. The Simple Things. Smell of jasmine flower in the wind at dusk. Skydiver. Thrill seeker. Procrastibaker. Clean eater but cheese lover. Witty. Minimilist. Simple yet complicated.

While on this venture down the blog track I’m going to be sharing with you particular things in my life through the pictures I take, whether that venture be big or small. I hope you enjoy what I share with you all. Welcome to me!

One thought on “Hey, do you come here often?

  1. So totally you is u r blog!!!
    and l love that too!!!
    Chest of drawers cost $ 500—$1000 so even with labour costings you saved a lot of money…and how easy is it to bring natures beauty closer
    to us…you have achieved soooooo successfully because elephants do not stay just anywhere
    continue to snog oh l mean blogxxxxxx


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