Stolen flowers in a gold vase

Stolen flowers in a gold vase

I recently just moved into a new house. Wooden floors. High ceilings. It has a great energy. However, being a student I struggle to find the funds to decorate and style. So I am here to share some of the easy, cheap and some what controversial to your taste decorating ideas.

Australia Fauna. Its a classic and one of my favourites. They last for up to three weeks in water and even on their dying days, they look beautiful. As they last for quite some time, I highly recommend these to any student or anyone on a budget to buy. The vase I put them in are Mason Jars and an old glass juice bottle. Keep an eye out next time you buy a drink in a convenience store or super market as you would be surprised by the shapes and colours that products come in. Just give them a soak in warm soapy water and the labels slip right off.

How cool is my little Jellyfish Air Plant? Its a beautiful birthday present I received from a friend of mine. I bought the Tillandsia from my favourite nursery in Brisbane, Mappins Nursery. Tillandsias are natives from forest, mountains and deserts in Central and South America. They are the best, low maintenance plant you could have living in your house. Give them a spray of water every 2-3 days a week and it will happily grow whenever you choose to stick them. I’ve seen all sorts, in seashells, driftwood, even woven into rope.

You can buy a Ceramic Jellyfish holder like mine here.

Ok ok, here is probably a very controversial way to show off your flowers, as it may not be to everyone taste. In my opinion, the contrasting colours and unexpected beauty from flower and empty beer bottle is something I love. As I said before, keep an eye out for bottles that have interesting shapes, colours or labels. I picked these flowers on a walk one afternoon.

Stolen flowers, in a gold vase. #studentlife.

Here is another example of using what you have already bought and turning it into something completely different. I planted chillies and a small succulent in empty cans which would have just been thrown away. The key is finding colours that compliment each other. Once again, I bought these guys from Mappins Nursery

What have you done around your home to style and decorate on a budget?

Lets get outta here.

Lets get outta here.

Soul is rested and recovered after a weekend well spent catching up with family, in a place I call home. Time spent in the country air as well as upholding family traditions of visiting places such as the great Hopetoun Tearoom.

POV shot of Brisbane City from approx. 14,000ft (?)

Arrived in Melbourne. We had 1 hour to spare before our bus left to take us out to Cantani. We hired a locker, stored our bags and made a mad dash to the legendary Manchester Press. If you haven’t eaten there before, I highly recommend you do. Bagels topped generously with an array of different combinations. Coffee is smooth and hot. If you have been, than you know why we didn’t waste that hour, we used it to devourer the best!

Sisters @ I-forget-the-name-of-the-cafe-but-its-somewhere-near-Leongatha

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Definitely spent most of my time near the fireplace. “We don’t have these up in QLD, their purpose is for decoration not warmth”. Red wines consumed in front of this fire approx. 2 bottles.

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Driveways are different in the country.

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Feast for the eyes and belly. Ladies and Gentleman, may I introduce you to the legendary Hopetoun Tea Room.

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What amazing places have you seen from your travels through the city and country?

Just feed the kids love & water.

Just feed the kids love & water.

A few months ago now I decided to try my hand at growing some carrots from the seeds that I received from a promotion I entered. In the back on my mind I thought my lack of a green thumb would not allow anything to grow; I still decided to give it a go.

Day 1: I put a couple of seeds 1cm below the potting mix. I used egg cartons to not only divide them into separate areas but also the cardboard helps keep in the moisture. Allowing the seeds to be moist, but not wet. Perfect growing environment for my little seedlings.

Day 10: So (sow!)… this was happening! I couldn’t believe that my little seedlings were growing up so fast. Now onto the next stage in their life. Should probably plant a money tree while i’m at it, i’ve heard raising kids can be expensive.

Day 119: Progress is on point. Another month and they’ll be right for the pickin’

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Day 168: Today was the day I decided to harvest a few carrots that I have been growing over the last 6 months; As its getting into the cooler months not much growth will be happening anymore. I grew these from the seedlings and have watched them flourish ever since. They may not be your stereotypical carrot size but I’m super proud of my inner city farming.

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Family Portrait!

Have you tried growing a garden before? I’m totally diggin’ it right now (pun intended) and loving just being outside, getting my hands dirty, and seeing your hard work pay off. Let me know of what your green thumbs have produced.

DIY Chest of Drawers

DIY Chest of Drawers

I’m feeling so accomplished after my first DIY venture. That chest of drawers you’re seeing right there, is renovated by yours truly.

I bought these old drawers from a charity store. Sanded them back. Painted a primer coat, then two coats of white paint and finished it off with new handles.

I could of easily gone out and bought a new chest of drawers from any furniture store for the same price it costed me to renovate this (paint, new handles and time = $$) but I love having something in my house that represents me. Something I can and will proudly keep for years to come.


Sanded back. Ready for a prime and two coats of paint. Started filling in the extra holes from the old handles as my new handles wont be needing them.
All starting to come together. A second coat of paint does wonders!

I’ll let you in on a little secret though, painting is a bitch! I highly recommend finding an attractive person, getting them oiled up and shirtless, and then making them paint your DIY project for you. Much less painless. Much more enjoyable.

Hey, do you come here often?

Hey, do you come here often?

Being my first post, I feel like I should introduce myself.

My name is Patrice and I go a little something like this.

Female. Student. Advertising. Photography. Strawberries. Gardening. Worms. Recycler. Environmentalist. Brunch. Eggs Benedict. Maple flavoured bacon. Music. Beyonce. Van Morrison. The Simple Things. Smell of jasmine flower in the wind at dusk. Skydiver. Thrill seeker. Procrastibaker. Clean eater but cheese lover. Witty. Minimilist. Simple yet complicated.

While on this venture down the blog track I’m going to be sharing with you particular things in my life through the pictures I take, whether that venture be big or small. I hope you enjoy what I share with you all. Welcome to me!